• What is The Perfect Bible Study?

    The Perfect Bible Study is a Bible Study where...

    The Subject Matter is Perfect

    • It restores the soul
    • It makes wise the simple
    • It rejoices the heart
    • It enlightens the eyes.
    • It endures forever
    • It is true

    The Members are Perfect

    • They always show up on time
    • They come prepared
    • They contribute
    • They are courteous
    • They never prejudge based on looks, age, or gender
    • They are inquisitive

    The Meeting Place is Perfect

    • No travel!
    • The seating is comfortable.
    • The room temperature is just right.
    • Your voice can be heard.
    • There are no distractions.

    What to bring:

    1. Bring your own healthy snack and drink.
    2. Invite two friends to join in.
    coffee cup

    Time: Anytime! 

    Place: Cyberspace! 

    About this site.

    Luther, in his discovery of grace, surprisingly said this about one aspect of regarding printing which was invented at this time.  He called it, "God's highest and extremist act of grace, whereby the business of the Gospel is driven forward...1 What would he think of the internet today?

    The Reformation had the printing press.  We've got the internet.  Need I say more?  Yes, but not here.

    In Christ for His glory,

    robert coss